Education and Career Guidance

Education and Career Guidance

The education and career gudidence at Itineris will help you answer every question you may have regarding studies or different professions. Tha aim is to support you in planning your future and provide you with the conditions to make the most well-thought-out choice possible The education and career guidence cans serve as a sounding board to help you concretize your thoughts and goals so that you can make a carefully considered choice. You are actively involved in planning your future. 


With the education and career counselor you discuss your interests, current situation and future goals. you receive help identifying your ceompetencies, strenghts, alternatives
and what's required of you to progress towards your goals.


The education and carrer counselor answers questions about:

  • Information about edcuation programs
  • How to finance your studies
  • Mapping your educational background
  • Choosing a profession or changing professions
  • Validation and testing
  • Admission and eligibility requirements
  • Information about professions and labor market
  • PLanning your studies and evaluating your grades 
KROM Rusta och Matcha Stockholm
KROM Rusta och Matcha Stockholm

      Prepare for the meeting by:

    • Writing down your thoughts and considerations
    • Start from where you are now and reflect on your goals
    • Look through course offerings, preferably explore programs in different educational formats
    • Bring your grades and any other relevant documents