Educational and professional guidance

Mandatory meetings with Study and Career Counselors

The study and career counselors answer your questions about education and professions. The purpose is to support you in planning your future and providing you with the conditions so that you can make a carefully considered choice. You are active in the planning of your future.


The study and career counselor answers questions about:

  • Mapping your education
  • Choice of profession or change of profession
  • Validation and testing
  • Admission and eligibility rules
  • Information on occupations and the labor market
  • Planning your studies towards, for example, a degree

You talk about your interests, current situation and future goals with your coach. You will be helped to highlight your strengths, options and what it takes to progress. Together, you and Study and the career counselor prepare a study plan and set realistic goals.


In preparation

Consider where you are now and think about your goals and how you intend to reach them. You will receive assistance from the Study and Career Counselor, but it is good if you have started thinking about your goals prior to the meeting.

  • Write down your thoughts
  • Look through course offerings, and look at courses in different forms of education
  • Bring your credentials and other documents that may be important.
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