Professional introduction

With the help of professional introduction, you as an employer can hire someone who receives practical experience and training or guidance with you. We contribute to part of the salary. This way you are given an opportunity to see if the person is suitable for the job, and for your company.

You as an employer

  • Pay for the time worked
  • Provide supervision or training
  • Create a tutorial or training plan
  • Need a collective agreement for professional introduction or a local collective agreement

Hire someone who

  • Är 15 – 24 år och saknar relevanta yrkeskunskaper
  • Är 15 – 24 år och har varit utan arbete i mer än tre månader
  • Is 25 years of age or older and is a newcomer who has been granted a residence permit for the past 36 months
  • Is 25 years of age or older and has been long-term unemployed

About the employment

Employ the candidate full or part time, at least 75 percent and for 6 months. The position must contain at least 15 percent supervision or training

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