New Start jobs

If you want to hire someone who has been out of work for a long time or is newly arrived.

You have the opportunity to receive financial support if you hire a person who has been unemployed for a long time or someone who is newly arrived in Sweden. You can apply for a start-up job when you have a person in mind, or you can extend an ongoing start-up job. The contribution towards is the lowest amount of the employers' contribution.

You can hire a person who

  • Is between 20 and 25 years of age who has been unemployed full time at least 6 of the last 9 months.
  • Is 25 years of age and has been unemployed for more than 12 of the last 15 months.

What type of employment does the compensation apply to?

The compensation applies to permanent employment and fixed-term employment. It also applies to part-time employment.

What is required of me as an employer?

  • You must be registered in the Swedish Tax Agency's employer register and report tax and employer contributions to the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • That you pay the salary electronically during the entire support period.
  • Does not have a business ban or tax liabilities submitted to Kronofogden.
  • Does not have any significant record of non-payments.

How do I get the compensation?

You submit your employer declaration to the Swedish Tax Agency every month. We collect the data directly from the Swedish Tax Agency. You receive the compensation by crediting your organization's or company's tax account. The compensation is calculated on the information you provided in the employer declaration.

What happens after the application has been submitted?

The Swedish Public Employment Service verifies that your company meets the criteria required to be hired with a new start-up job. The Swedish Public Employment Service will then agree with you on following up and continued contact. Once you have received the decision from the Swedish Public Employment Service, you will also be informed about how you will receive your compensation.

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