Wage subsidies

You can apply for a salary allowance when you hire a person with a reduced ability to work because of a disability, such as a limited ability to work or mental illness. The Swedish Public Employment Service then accounts for part of the salary for a period. The salary contribution is to compensate for the adjustments that may need to be made at the workplace.

About the employment

The Swedish Public Employment Service develops a plan together with the company to increase the employee's work capacity. The employee shall receive a salary and benefits in accordance with the collective agreement in
the industry

There are three types of salary contributions

  1. Salary contributions for competence development during employment
    Contributions for a person to try out a profession or be able to study.
  2. Salary contributions for employment
    Salary contributions to customise work and a workplace for an employee.
  3. Salary contributions for employment security
    Long-term support for an employee to be able to keep a job.

The Swedish Public Employment Service makes an assessment

The level of the salary contribution is affected by the salary cost and the work ability of the person you want to hire. The Swedish Public Employment Service makes a joint assessment of the person's work ability with the company. The company can receive subsidies for the part of the salary cost that does not exceed a gross salary of SEK 19,100 per month for full-time. It is also possible to receive a contribution towards competence development efforts.

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