Extra work

When you want to hire within the public sector or non-profit sector.

For employers within:

  • Health care, education, elderly care or disability care whose activities are publicly funded and run under private or public auspices.
  • Municipal or state authority provided that the duties are not carried out in activities that are aimed at offering goods or services in a market.
  • Cultural activities where the activities should be available to the public free of charge or at a low fee. The business must not primarily be financed through commercial revenues.
  • Non-profit sports associations with activities aimed at children and youth and registered faith communities.
  • Non-profit associations with aid assistance activities or care activities for children and youth.

Hire someone who:

  1. Has participated in the job and development guarantee program for 450 compensation days.
  2. Is newly arrived and has or has had an establishment plan.
  3. Is newly arrived and has been granted a residence permit or residence card as a family member of an EU / EEA citizen within the last 36 months.

About the employment

The compensation applies to permanent employment and fixed-term employment. It applies to full-time and part-time employment.

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