Traineeships can help young people get into working life and people who have been unemployed for a long time to get a fresh start or a trial period. Newcomers can, for example, test whether their professional knowledge meets the requirements that exist in the profession in Sweden.

What does a traineeship entail?

  • The traineeship period is determined based on the trainee's needs.
  • You do not have to pay any employer costs for the trainee.
  • The trainee receives activity support from the Social Insurance Agency and is insured for work injury.
  • We consult with the trade unions prior to each traineeship.
  • The trainee can be called to compulsory meetings with the Swedish Public Employment Service.
  • The employer is expected to be available as a supervisor or mentor during the traineeship period.
  • The traineeship period is determined by the trainee's needs, but is based on a period of at least one week and a maximum of six months.

Applies to those who

  • Participates in job and development guarantee program or the job guarantee program for young adults.
  • Is over 25 years of age and is unemployed.

What does the trainee receive in compensation?

During the traineeship, the trainee receives compensation from the Swedish Public Employment Service if it meets our requirements. Some people receive reimbursement from their health insurance and can contact the Social Insurance Agency for more information.

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